• Don't Give In December

    12/1/2022 to 12/21/2022

    Every December I run a 21 day group to help people reduce holiday stress, make healthy choices, plan for treats and events, and get their body moving. It's our 11th year and YOU are invited!!!

    I am not sure if the holidays are as hard for you as they always have been for me, I know they were a big source of tension in my adult life for at least 10 years. We can offer some extra support, to make it a little easier this year.
    I am not accepting everyone, this is only for the people who really want to make better choices over the holidays this year, and who want to do it with a fun and positive group of people. If this is you, apply to join below!

  • What You Get

    Just a quick snapshot of what you'll get from our group!


    Tools & Resources

    • Weekly Meal Plans, Shopping lists
    • Tips for Handling Holiday Stress
    • Healthy Holiday Recipes
    • Tips for Dealing with Social Events, Holiday Treats, and More!

    Support & Accountability

    • Daily Check-Ins
    • Motivational & Reminder Text Messages
    • Clear Structure for Success
    • 24/7 Group Access 

    Fun & Friendship

    • Prizes for Participation & Reaching Your Goals
    • Fun Connection Questions 
    • A Personally Matched Group Buddy
    • Positive and Judgment Free Space
  • Apply to Join

    Send me your goals below and we will chat via email to make sure it's a good fit for you!